Performance review: Traces


Traces: Performance preview

If you think you know what goes on under the Big Top, think again. Traces by the Seven Fingers Company redefines the ideas of a stereotypical circus act.

Stripped of colorful costumes and mystifying makeup, nothing distracts the audience from the raw talent of the performers. They’re not nameless, distant actors hidden under fabric and face paint — they are individuals with different personalities and talents.

Each of the performers has the chance to make jokes and display their various talents, even playing the piano and singing at times, giving the show an overall laid back vibe.

The physical feats are, of course, the most exciting part of the show. It incorporates a shocking combination of acrobatics and more modern skills like an unexpected skateboarding routine.

The Chinese Hoops sequence stole the show. The cast hurtled toward the stacked rings, diving and tumbling through them at an impressive speed.

There’s an obvious camaraderie among the performers that’s visible in their interactions between the heart-stopping stunts.

It’s important to trust the guys holding the net when you’re walking the tightrope between a perfect performance and a trip to the hospital.

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