Halloween: Adventure dress up


A mean looking black catA mask of President ObamaThe ExorcistTrick-or-treat — it’s that time of year when everybody has a chance to slide into their favorite costume and enjoy the spookiness of Halloween. Costume shops around Orange County are ready to help you kick off the festivities.

Stores like Spirit Halloween offer a variety of costumes, accessories and decorations to help get into the Halloween spirit.

The trending themes for women this year are SWAT agents, cops and zombies, along with the popular Disney princesses like Snow White and Pocahontas, who make a yearly appearance.

“Men don’t really have a choice to dress up. It’s usually what the girl wants them to wear,” store manager Clinto Moore said, noting that many masks like Slipknot were popular last year. Depending on the costume, prices may vary between stores.

The most popular costumes for younger children are super heroes like Captain America and Batman, Super Mario Brothers and Monster High.

“On the East Coast, where I am from, we don’t make Halloween a big deal like people do here,” explained Kelly Willet, a customer at Spirit Halloween. Recently arrived in California, she is ready to celebrate the holiday with her Bat Girl costume. “I am excited for the Halloween parties, dressing up and having fun,” she said.

“Halloween is the one night to dress up as your favorite character — being funny, spontaneous and scary with no one judging you, and you cannot forget the treats,” said Gaby Santos, a Halloween Boutique employee.

Happy trick-or-treating, stay safe and enjoy the night. Most of all, let your inner ghoul out for a fright night to remember.

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