Fierce fit jeans


Get the look, know the basics to find the perfect jeans.

Retail employees see trends in men’s shopping habits. The salesperson’s knowledge and involvement in fashion gives them a glimpse into the mind of the customer. Men sometimes shun an entire brand of jeans based on one ill-fitting pair.

There is a difference between buying clothes and shopping for clothes. Many men settle for buying clothes, while women take the time to shop.

“These jeans are too tight” or “I don’t like the jeans in this store” are common remarks during male shopping misadventures. Knowing that there are basic fits in clothing that vary from brand to brand may help ease a man’s shopping anxiety.

Try on different jeans, pair with shirts to get a feel of the entire look, experiment with color contrasts, and add accessories to show your personal style.

Your waist or length size may change from fit to fit and brand to brand, so try different options to see which brand and size suits your shape. Your choice also depends on the type of occasion.

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1. SKINNY – Like its name, these hug the thigh and leg, ending with a leg opening at 14 inches, resting at the ankle. These can be paired with low top shoes. You can also roll it up with a pair of flip-flops for a day at the beach.

2. SLIM – A looser skinny, these are fitted from the thigh and leg with a 14 3/4-inch leg opening, making them fall gently onto your shoe. Pairs great with slim to regular fitting tops, low to mid top shoes and moderate layering.

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3. STRAIGHT – These are great for the guy wanting a fitted look without having to wear tight jeans. With a 17-inch leg opening, they pair with mid- to high top shoes and boots, moderate layering, and are great for dressing up a casual look.

4. RELAXED – These have an 18-inch leg opening, and are one of the more comfortable fitting jeans. Roll them up and wear flip-flops, sneakers or boots. Pair a cool T-shirt or layer with an unbuttoned woven top and you’re out the door.

5. BOOTCUT – This classic wide leg opening of 19 1/2 inches, falls down the thigh and leg and rests nicely on of most high top shoes or a great pair of boots. Tuck in a plaid button-up shirt, and step into a pair stellar boots for a stylish night.

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