Secret beauty


Hidden within Cleveland National Forest, Black Star Canyon Road provides an adventurous and refreshing escape from society’s fast-paced environment.

You can start at the Black Star Canyon Main Gate, which is located around 20 minutes from central Orange County. Prepare for about a six-mile hike.

When you see a group of huge concrete tubes veer right and follow the partly hidden trail leading to the stream.

Hiking up the stream, you will discover a breathtaking landscape and the diversity of the natural preserve surrounding you. Around 45 minutes into the hike you should be getting tired, but the ambient sound of the stream and wind through the trees amplifies the feeling of serenity. This is a natural energy booster.

After following the stream for about an hour and a half you will reach Black Star Canyon Falls, your final destination. It’s as tall as a three-story building, standing about 50 feet high, making you feel like an insect while looking up at it. The beauty of the canyon, the forest around you, and the natural running water makes you feel that your journey has taken you far away from civilization.

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REVIEW: Nature is all around us and somehow we seem to miss it. Black Star Canyon will take you through the thrill of what nature is all about.

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