I heart movies – Reeling in a little love


This season’s movies are typically just chick flicks and romantic comedies because of Cupid’s holiday. Check out the ones to see as well as an alternative to going to the theatre.


Movie review by Tiffany Johnstone / el Don

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After a Golden Globe winning performance in The Black Swan, Natalie Portman takes a break by co-starring opposite Ashton Kutcher in a new romantic comedy.

No Strings Attached is a chick flick where the two main characters — no surprise — end up together.

If you’ve seen the previews then you’ve seen the movie.

The plot involves a love story about two people who end up as friends with benefits. Natalie Portman’s character, Emma, is a young doctor who works 80-hour shifts and wants a relationship based on sex. She chooses Ashton Kutcher’s character, Adam, an old friend.

When Kutcher walks in at Portman’s job and hands her a ‘good job’ balloon, it’s hilarious to think someone could give you a balloon to say thank you for rocking their world in bed.

Kutcher makes a period mix CD for Portman and her girlfriends, showing Kutcher’s character as the hopelessly romantic, serious-relationship type.

So if you are looking for a movie with love and laughter, No Strings Attached is just right for you.


Movie review by Felipa Penaloza / el Don News Editor

Bill Shakespeare’s classic prose about two star-crossed lovers has hit the big screen again, this time with lawn ornaments playing the lead roles.

Red gnomes and blue gnomes have been enemies forever.

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Kelly Asbury’s latest animated flick centers on two anthropomorphic garden gnomes falling in love even as their families feud.

Keeping true to the story’s English roots, primarily British actors voice Gnomeo and Juliet. Starring James McAvoy and Emily Blunt, with Ozzy Osbourne voicing a fawn—worth the price of admission—and the music of Elton John, this adorable tale takes a modern and unique approach to one of the greatest plays.


Movie review by Jason Truong / el Don

Ever thought about escaping? Just dropping everything and running away from life’s problems for a couple of days? Weeks? Even years? That’s exactly what Frank Abagnale Jr. did when he was just 16 years old. Steven Spielbergs’ 2002 film Catch Me If You Can takes you on a romantic, tragic and inspiring ride with Leonardo DiCaprio as he traces the steps of Frank’s childhood.

It’s a refreshing detour from the mass-produced chick flicks coming out on Valentine’s. Take a typical romantic comedy, take out everything you know about how they work, and add jail time in dingy cells, a sudden divorce and breaking the law. This movie will throw you right into the cheery days of the ‘60s and teach you a thing or two about love.

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