Coping with Stress

For sophomore Eric Rodriguez, focusing on football while trying to balance his grades is a lot to deal with. The day before the spring semester started, Rodriguez was told his full ride to Southwestern Oklahoma State University would be revoked if an additional 11 units were not completed by the end of this semester. Rodriguez was then stuck trying to petition into several classes.

“Most of them didn’t let me add the class and I was stressing out and worried that my scholarship would be taken away,” said Rodriguez. “I couldn’t even think straight.”
The first month of a semester causes many students to feel stressed from a combination of school, work and personal problems.

Stress is a normal physical reaction that makes you feel vulnerable. Long-term exposure can cause serious health problems.

“Signs of severe stress include insomnia, inability to concentrate during class, and even anger outbursts,” said psychology professor Jeff Pedroza. “Most people don’t know the difference between normal stress and severe stress.”

Having a strong stable support system like family and close friends can ease the effects of stress.

Santa Ana College is equipped with staff to help students deal with mental health.
The psychological services include counseling for individual students as well as couples and groups that need someone to talk to.

“When a student talks about what’s bothering them to someone, they experience catharsis, a feeling of a great weight being lifted off your shoulders,” said psychology professor Ricardo Castillo.

Counseling is intended to relieve a student’s stress.

The services are provided by mental health professionals and advanced doctoral psychology interns working under the supervision of licensed psychologists.

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Students are guaranteed confidentiality. None of their information is released unless they report abuse, suicidal thoughts, or are capable of harming others.

Threats or acts of violence are taken seriously and will be reported.

Psychological Services is in the U-Building and open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Students who have paid the health fee are entitled to counseling.

Rodriguez eventually got the classes he needed and was able to keep his scholarship.

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