The Dons Lose To Cypress College Chargers, 14-0

Softball vs Cypress 002
Softball vs Cypress 002
Dons starting pitcher Desiree Hernandez allowed nine runs on six hits and four walks as the Dons lost 14-0 to Cypress College.

By Diana Viera

The Dons dropped the conference opener to the Cypress College Chargers 14-0, making their overall record 4-7.

During the first inning, Chargers left fielder Taylor Pierce crushed a home run, opening a 3-0 lead.

“I think we came out ready, and we’re ready for league and we’re ready to start going,” Pierce said.

In the third inning, the Chargers scored 10 runs.

The Dons’ offense suffered with four hits, while the Chargers recorded 13 against two Dons pitchers.

Starting pitcher Desiree Hernandez took the loss, allowing nine runs on six hits and four walks through two innings.

Finishing off the game, pitcher Hattie Marshall let the Chargers take five runs on five hits and three walks in the final three innings.

“I really felt our hits weren’t there and that’s it. I barely went up twice [and] they were going rounds. It’s just our hitting. We didn’t make that many errors which is good,” Dons Freshmen Tina Ramos said.

The Dons hope to improve their hitting throughout the rest of the season and have more intensity.

“Normally we hit the ball and that’s one thing we’ve had in the past, and that didn’t show up either. So when you’re 0-3 and hitting defense and pitching that’s what happens,” Co-Head Coach Susie Parra said.


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