School spirit runs deep


SOCCER PROFILE: Freshman forward Christian Supancic tears his way through the field.

For soccer players and fans around the world, the number 10 symbolizes greatness. Pele, Lionel Messi and David Beckham have all donned the number.

Santa Ana College has its own elite soccer player sporting the number 10, Christian Supancic.

“He is nearly 6-feet tall and very skillful with both feet,” Head Coach Jose Vasquez said. “Any time a defender gives him space he knows how to find the goal.”

Supancic was discovered by Vasquez during his senior year at Anaheim High School.

“I coach at Katella High School, and last year was our first season playing in the same league as Anaheim,” Vasquez said. “In both games against them, he gave us a lot of trouble.”

Supancic’s love for soccer was sparked at a young age. It helped him develop into the player he is now.

“Everything I do is related to soccer,” Supancic said. “My dad, Michael, influenced me to start playing. I began kicking the ball around at four-years-old.”

Being a talented soccer player does not matter without hard work and diligence. On and off the field Supancic fulfills his duties as a leader.

“Christian sets the tone for the team,” forward Briant Rodelo said. “He raises the bar for everyone by working extremely hard every time he is on the field.”

Supancic has started every game he has played in.

“He’s intelligent with his movements and has an explosiveness rare for any athlete,” Rodelo said.  “His attributes have given him the ability to transcend his age.”

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Supancic’s red faux hawk is part school spirit and part youthful rebellion.

“I wanted earrings but my dad wouldn’t have it, so I dyed my hair,” he said.


  • 7 = Leads the team with seven goals.
  • 91.7 = Percentage of shots on goal.
  • 12 = Total shots taken

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