SAC Has Available Wi-Fi from Parking Lot

SAC Parking Lot/ Image By: Julian Reynoso
SAC Parking Lot/ Image By: Julian Reynoso

In a bid to bring accessibility to more of its students, Santa Ana College is now allowing students to use the campus Wi-Fi from the school parking lots.

Lieutenant Scott Baker, head of Campus Security, confirmed, “students can use the internet from the parking lot. All parking lot rules still need to be followed, you’ll need a parking pass, and everyone needs to practice social distancing.”

Aside from following the normal rules, it’s also recommended students have their school I.D. with them to prove they’re students. Individuals wanting to access the web should know their login information, as no one will be available on campus to offer technical support. 

Students not in a vehicle will still be expected to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering.

Baker says that though it’s been an option since the beginning of the semester, as far as he knows, no one has taken advantage of it. 

For those not interested in purchasing a full semester parking pass, day passes are available at several self-serve kiosks throughout the parking lots.

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