The Donald Leaves Costa Mesa Trump’d

Donald Trump spoke before a crowd of 8,500 supporters at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. Jorge Campos / el Don

By Laura Garcia

  A crowd of admiring supporters filled the seats of the Pacific Amphitheater while people protested outside the arrival of Republican candidate Donald Trump at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds April 28.

  The candidate stood in front of the audience and smiled as he saw all the homemade signs receiving support from the groups he has once before referred to negatively.

  Although mostly caucasian, other groups sat inside holding placard that read “Veterans For Trump” “Latinos for Trump” and “Black Christian Women Love Trump.”

  “I think God is using Trump in a mighty way,”Trisha Micheo, a conservative christian said.“Irrelevant if he says a little foul language so what, I have seen that he has done things that he said he was gonna do, and that’s what it is.”

  His raised tone filled with conviction was plenty to get a crowd on its feet. Wearing Trump’s trade-mark, “Make America Great Again” or “Hillary Clinton for Prison 2016” T-shirts, people cheered when he mocked political correctness and booed at the mention of other candidates during his speech.  

  People present that day where riled up with Trump’s speech, yet were so friendly to one another just knowing their mutual support for Trump and his policies. Especially his policy on illegal immigrants. He assured everyone of his intentions to build a 1,000-mile long wall along the southwestern borders.

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“Build that wall!” was heard all throughout the day.

 From outside the amphitheater, Anti-Trump protesters were divided in activity.

“I don’t have anything against protests, I think they’re healthy for the country. They’re exercising their free speech, said Eric Gomez, a Trump supporter.

  Half protested from the sidewalk holding Anti-Trump posters while others were rioting, blocking traffic, destroying public property and starting fights.

  “This is not making Hispanics or anyone in the opposition of Trump look good. Doing this is counterproductive,” protester Nathan Yepez said.

  Officers on horse were moving those that were blocking the streets whiles others were in riot gear. Of the 17 that were arrested that night, one was charged with one felony count of vandalism with damage of over $400, according to the DA’s press release.

  Once seen as an unlikely candidate unable to win presidency Trump now leads the polls doing twice as well among Democrats as Clinton does among Republicans.

  “We’re going to win and we’re going to keep winning,” Trump said.

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