Santa Ana’s Cinco de Mayo Festival Celebrates Mexican Culture

5 de mayo
Photo by Annie Lam
Photo by Annie Lam
Photo by Annie Lam

By Mary Nguyen, Dianna Mendoza and Annie Lam

The 17th Annual Cinco de Mayo festival in Downtown Santa Ana this weekend brought crowds from all over Orange County to continue the two-day tradition.

The event featured famous norteno singers such as Gerardo Ortiz’s brother Kevin Ortiz, as well as game booths, pop-up vendors and authentic Mexican food.

Foods like tortas ahogadas, quesadillas and tacos became the center of attractions for the attendees.

Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of Mexico’s victory against the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Originally a regional celebration confined to the state of Puebla, May 5 is now a popular American holiday.

Although the day celebrates a war victory, many residents gather friends and families together to embrace the Mexican lifestyle.

“Every year I bring my kids here to have a great time,” Santa Ana resident Ana Sanchez said. “We really enjoy all these delicious foods that remind us of back home.”

The festival was also a way for the greater community to get in touch with Mexican culture.

“It really gives a sense of community and the people and the culture are so lively,” Tracy Thurver, a resident of Cypress who heard of the event from Yelp, said.

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