Dunlap Hall Renovations Delayed Until At Least 2016


By Joanna Uriostegui

Unforeseen complications pushed back the opening of the college’s largest building until at least 2016, district officials said.

“The existing Dunlap Hall roof was beyond its useful life and leaking. It is best to complete the roof replacement while the building is still unoccupied,” said Darryl Taylor, director of facility planning.

The work delayed the installation of satellite, cable and other communications devices, which are housed on the roof.

The four-story Dunlap Hall, located at the southeast side of Santa Ana College, was closed for repairs last year. Construction crews are working to bring the 40-year-old building up to code, such as making its bathrooms more accessible to disabled and handicapped students.

The renovation was projected to cost $18.7 million, which includes contractor fees, material testing, inspections, and architect and engineering services.

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