Santa Ana College Signs Articulation Agreement With University of Iowa


By R. Nicanor Santana

The first out-of-state articulation agreement for International Business was signed in February.

SAC’s Global Entrepreneurship Department allows students to transfer as juniors into the University of Northern Iowa. Originally, an International Business articulation agreement was only with Cal Poly Pomona.

Santa Ana College’s students must complete general education requirements and all major courses with a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average.

“The faculty gave me encouragement, pushed me to go for it and they were available outside of class. It’s not just academic support, it’s moral and personal support too,” said International Business major Minhchau Chau, who was accepted in March.

SAC students working towards bachelor degrees at UNI are eligible for an 18 percent reduced tuition rate, as well as transfer and multicultural scholarships which can add up to $10,000 annually.

The idea for the agreement began three years ago when SAC Professor Gabriel Shweiri and Interim Dean of Business Madeline Grant attended a business conference and spoke with Professor Christine Schrage from UNI.

“It is an opportunity to begin exploring the world outside of our Orange [County] bubble,” Grant said.

International Business students have been told of the accord since last year and some students have already shown interest, Shweiri said.

“The incoming students add diversity not found in the Iowa demographic,” Schrage said. UNI currently has a five percent out-of-state student rate.

The articulation agreement with UNI is expected to expand to Business Administration, Management and Accounting students, Grant said.

The Global Entrepreneurship Department is also in an articulation agreement with Cal State Fullerton, which is expected to be signed by the fall. Other universities in works for a similar agreement are Boise State and Michigan University.

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“I’m excited, it’s an adventure.” Chau said. “There’s nothing out there like it for out-of state business students.”



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