Healthy Knowledge

Daniel Lim / el Don

By: Katie Porter

At first the quad area around the fountain is filled with more booths than students. For Associated Student Government’s Get Fit event, the goal was to raise campus knowledge of the different kinds of exercise outlets available on campus.

The Athletic Department advertised Santa Ana College’s 16 sports teams, recruiting for players and fans alike.

“It’s not all about playing. We would love to get students excited and have a fan section at the games,” Jason Kehler, sports information coordinator, said.

A few girls showed off Pilates poses in front of a board for the Dance Department, which advertised their spring class schedule. Many forms of dance are offered, including jazz, modern and hip hop.

Representatives with the Health and Wellness Center informed students about the Affordable Care Act and how to sign up. Packets and posters displayed coverage options for students.

“We’re here to give direct info and explain the whole process to anyone with questions,” said Health Services Coordinator Rebecca Bernard. “A lot of people have heard of it but don’t know what it really means. This is something that affects everyone.”

She also mentioned anti smoking classes that the division is planning.

Every five minutes a contest was held, and the crowd started to form as ASG recruited competitors. Push up, sit up and hula-hoop contests were held as men and women competed against each other. The prizes for winning were a water bottle, beanie and a couple calories lost.


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