Resignations leave ASG incapacitated

A string of student leader resignations including senators, the vice-president and president has left associated student government incapacitated.

ASG President Edna Tobias and Vice President Michael Burris resigned last week after the senate called for their impeachments. Senator Fernando Castillo resigned as a direct result, according to Senator Jorge Sandoval. The Senate meeting was cancelled April 16 because there were not enough senators present to meet the quorum requirement.

“We can have meetings, we’re just to the point where we have to be flawless in attendance now,” Sandoval said.

VP Pro-tempore Monica Zambrano will be ratified as ASG President next week following the resignations, but the vice presidential position is left open.

New leadership and advisers leave the protocol for this situation unclear. ASG Adviser Susana Sosa has been in the position for about three weeks since former Adviser Daniel Marquez was transferred to the Student Outreach Office.

“How are we going to get senators if we don’t have a VP to interview them? And we need to ratify a VP, but we can’t ratify a VP if we don’t have senators,” Sandoval said, adding that the situation is a conundrum.

“I’m a little anxious,” Sandoval said, “But I find this as an opportunity for several of our senators to really step up and show us what they’re made of.”

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