Sandoval inaugurated as ASG President


Jorge Sandoval was inaugurated Monday as Associated Student Government President after winning by 20 votes last month.

“I put a lot of time and effort into researching my position and put on a really good campaign which motivated students to vote for me,” Sandoval said, adding “and I’m really likeable.”

Sandoval received 139 votes and runner-up Monica Zambrano garnered 119.. Abraham Vivanco, the only other presidential candidate, had 23 votes.

Vice Presidential candidate Brian Perez and senatorial candidate Mayra Hernandez ran unopposed, winning by plurality, or more than half the votes cast.

The constitutional amendment to define the ASG adviser’s role was passed with 231 votes, or about 80 percent voter approval.

However, the $1 representation fee failed again. While 247 voters supported the voluntary registration fee, the college requires that it receive at least 464 votes.

Only 291 students voted in the election at Santa Ana College, which enrolls more than 19,000 students each semester.

The voter turnout has been dropping since 2010. In 2012, about 310 students voted, a sharp decline from the 615 who voted in 2010 and 467 in 2011.

Newly elected leaders take office June 30.

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