Vandalism on campus


A vandal ruined a student’s artwork in the lobby of the C building Monday.

Caroline McCabe, assistant gallery director, discovered the phrases, “stay in the lines if your (sic) going to paint jerk,” and “weak,” with an arrow pointing to the artwork, when she walked in Tuesday.

She called the malicious critic’s attack “unnecessary” because the drawing is a work in progress.

The students working on the murals for the gallery do so on their own time outside of class hours.

The good news is that the vandalism will be easy to fix because the art piece is only a rough sketch of the final product.

“The person who did this is basically saying that this person doesn’t know how to paint,” said art student Jose Bustos, who was working on the mural Wednesday afternoon.

“I think it is very immature,” he added.

This is not the first time one of the wall paintings was targeted.

“We’ve had explicit markings on several murals in the past,” said Phillip Marquez, art gallery director.

Graffiti of writing next to an art drawing of a women with long think hair reading Stay-in-the-LINES-If-your-going-to-paint-JeRK. Next to the graffiti is a printed note taped reading BOY,-TALK-ABOUT-IMMATURE!

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