Standing with Planned Parenthood is About More than Abortions

Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood won’t end abortion, but it will probably result in a lot more unplanned pregnancies.

By defunding Planned Parenthood, opponents will limit access to contraceptives and a lot of other great services that Planned Parenthood offers. Important services like STD testing and cancer screenings, as well as simple things like treatment for yeast infections (which seems like a huge deal when you have one).

Being able to prevent pregnancies is a powerful tool for young women who can’t afford to go elsewhere. Being able to turn to Planned Parenthood, not only for contraceptives but also for health care in general, is a blessing.

I know firsthand how beneficial access to Planned Parenthood can be. When I chose to start taking birth control, my simplest and least expensive option was to make an appointment at their nearby clinic. A nurse practitioner discussed my options with me, answered my questions, then sent me on my way with a year’s supply. I’ve been back since, and their staff has been nothing but helpful and reassuring. Why defund that?