Is Disney Worth The Money For Its Magic?

Is Disneyland really “the happiest place on earth?” I don’t think so.

Who wants to stand in hour-long lines for four-minute rides? Who wants to navigate suffocating crowds, while melting under the Southern California sun? Who wants to almost get run over by strollers?

Obviously, there are a lot of reasons why Disneyland could not possibly be the happiest place on earth. Not the least of these reasons is the cost of a ticket into the Magic Kingdom. Nowadays, a ticket on a “regular” day costs $110, plus $55 if I was hoping to go to Disney’s California Adventure Park, which I was.

Despite the “not-happiest” parts, I still occasionally go to Disneyland. I’ll dodge strollers if that’s what it takes to get into another line to take a picture with a random Disney cast member dressed as my favorite characters.

And I’ll pay the $165, even though I know Disney is making a gross profit on my love for the idyllic theme park they’ve created. But, it’s not the happiest place on earth, it’s just another way for corporate America to take money from a poor college student.

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