Beauty and the Beast’s Gay Character Causes Backlash

Courtesy of Disney Wiki

Courtesy of Disney Wiki

Before its theatrical release, Beauty and the Beast is receiving backlash for introducing Disney’s first openly gay character, LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick.

Russia has decided to put an adult-only rating on the film and additionally, Franklin Graham, a well-known evangelist, has publicly told Christians to boycott Disney for trying to push the “LGBT agenda” onto children.

I personally blame director Bill Condon for the negativity thrown at the film. Condon, in an interview with Attitude Magazine, boasted about how he had included a gay character into the movie.

Most Beauty and the Beast fans already considered Lefou to be gay due to his profound admiration for Gaston.

But, Condon blatantly saying it was clearly asking for trouble.

As for the offended fans, I don’t think the attacks on the movie are worth acknowledging.

If parents don’t feel comfortable with their kids being shown one gay character in a movie, then they can refuse to see it.

People are entitled to their own opinion and are allowed to disagree with Disney’s live-action adaptation.