5 Scary Movies to Stream For Screams

Veronica Movie Scene

The spooky season has arrived but what are you going to stream for your screams? Whether looking for some psychological, innovative, demonic or classic horror to watch from the comfort of your own couch, here are five scary movies available on streaming services. Check them out on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

The Witch

A religious puritan family settles in a forgotten place hidden in a forest in 17th century New England, but their harmonious existence is interrupted after baby Samuel goes missing. The answer to his disappearance might be hidden in the ominous woods. The Witch does not shock the audience with regular jump scares. Instead, it serves a slow-paced mystery that is visually dazzling, pays attention to details, enchants with haunting music and amazes with great acting. The story captivates by unfolding its layers slowly, making the viewer wonder what is really happening in this family of die-hard believers when occultism reaches their household. Robert Eggers directorial debut sets a new norm in scary movie genres. His supernatural horror with realistic acting from Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie and others makes the audience rethink everything they thought they knew about witches. Watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime or at The Frida Cinema on October 28 and 29 at 10:30 p.m.  


Fans of possession themes in horrors will be in awe after watching this latest Spanish film by Paco Plaza, a movie director known from REC franchise. In contrast to REC’s slasher and bloody scenes, Veronica focuses on demonic possessions and the psychological state of the main character, Veronica (Sandra Escacena). The story leaves viewers space to doubt what is real and what is Veronica’s imagination. The Conjuring-style movie frightens people not only with a creepy blind nun who looks almost like the demon from James Wan’s horrors. It also adds a solar eclipse and ouija board to the story, leaving teenage girls helpless somewhere in an old basement in ‘90s Madrid. After its premiere, Veronica was hyped as the “scariest movie of the year.” Even though it might be argued otherwise, it is a solid haunted house tale with well-timed jump scares and psychological background of a struggling young girl from a working-class family. The scenery of a Spanish city in the ‘90s, together with eerie music and acting of Escacena’s only adds to the chills. Especially after knowing that the film was loosely based on real events. Watch it on Netflix. 


This horrifying movie is flick with gory scenes and unexpected plot twists, provoking doubters to reconsider what makes a real horror. Hereditary is a supernatural psychological horror in which a family is haunted by a demon after the funeral of their secretive grandmother. The directorial debut of Ari Aster brings to the screen exceptional performances by Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro and Gabriel Byrne. Their acting recreates perfectly the drama of a family’s sad fate and mysterious past that escalates to the occult realms of terror. Mystic-like scenery and camera close-ups sync with scary, melancholic music in the film, giving strong dramatic feel to the audience. Hereditary is extraordinary must-watch horror, available on Amazon Prime.

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This is not your average home-invasion movie. Hush is a sharp thriller that goes down a familiar path, but with a fresh idea. The slasher movie directed by Mike Flanagan doesn’t hold back on the gore, but also doesn’t depend on it. The innovative approach to the story makes the viewers hold their breath while trying to imagine how it is to be a hostage of your own limitations. The main character Maggie (Kate Siegel) plays a woman caught in a trap in her own house. Maggie is a deaf writer, unable to hear or speak who has to play hide and seek with a masked killer (John Gallagher Jr.). The movie unravels many possibilities when it comes to the survival of a deaf woman and that awakes interest within the audience. The scenery creates a feeling of emptiness with no hope for escape and survival. The smart use of sound adds a feeling of urgency to every scene that makes people stay with Maggie until the end. Hush is available to stream on Netflix. 


Nothing fits better into Halloween classic movies than Wes Craven’s original slasher, Scream. Here’s the movie that revitalized the horror genre in the ‘90s with its campy gore and cliches. A subtle satire underlined throughout the movie doesn’t let it fall short. In Scream the typical horror characters are shown as undeniably smart and funny. It is an enjoyable journey to travel with the main characters as they try to stay alive. The film intentionally plays with music, raising tensions in the moments of audience expectations but showing them nothing when the sound stops. The location situated in a typical American suburb, made the story even more believable than other abandoned House In The Woods tales. No wonder the Ghostface remains a popular Halloween costume. When Scream finishes, it feels like a relief knowing that home phones are not so popular anymore. Just in case a killer would like to call. The movie is on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

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