Power Rangers Is An Action-Packed Teen Drama

The best way to describe the new Power Rangers movie, as said by a good friend, is quite simple: Degrassi with super suits.

The King Is Back

Kong: Skull Island is director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ stunning, fun and mindless take on the King, Kong.

Beauty and the Beast’s Gay Character Causes Backlash

Before its theatrical release, Beauty and the Beast is receiving backlash for introducing Disney’s first openly gay character, LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick.

Final Wolverine Film Shows Austere Side of X-Men Series

After 17 years of playing one of X-Men’s most beloved characters, Hugh Jackman finishes his (supposed) final Wolverine movie with

Racism Plays Key Role in Horror Film

It is a well-known joke that in most horror movies the black person dies first. Jordan Peele — coming off