Why Don’t More Students Support Our School Teams?

Bleachers at most SAC athletic games are empty. / Aurielle Weiss / el Don

Bleachers at most SAC athletic games are empty. / Aurielle Weiss / el Don

Last week I attended two Santa Ana College athletic events and was shocked by the lack of fans.

Our women’s soccer team is undefeated, and playing better than they have in years, and yet the bleachers were empty.

At the season opener for the Dons football team only a few family and friends cared to attend.

So I asked myself, would I have gone to Eddie West Field on Saturday night if I weren’t reporting on it — probably not.

For starters, the stadium is off campus and there are charges for parking and student entry. Meanwhile the atmosphere, well, there is none.

So, here are a few suggestions. Move the football games on campus to cut costs and attract students by not charging them. SAC needs more school spirit. Start a cheerleading program and a pep band to keep the players and students pumped.

We live on our phones, so promotion shouldn’t be an issue. Tweet at us, Facebook Live the games, talk to us in our language. Let’s invite the people of Santa Ana to our athletic events and involve them in our community.

We have a lively and vibrant city. Our college and athletic teams should reflect that spirit.

Aurielle Weiss

Aurielle Weiss is el Don's managing editor 2016-2017.

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