Jack Antonoff Delivers Bleachers’ New Indie Rock Album

“Hate That You Know Me,” the second single off Indie-pop-rock artist Bleachers’ new album, Gone Now, was released April 17.

This single sounds like a new era of Bleachers. It’s lighter and more upbeat than most of the songs on their first album, Strange Desire, which was released almost three years ago. The song also features vocals by Carly Rae Jepsen, a friend of the band’s frontman Jack Antonoff.

Antonoff often writes songs about his own life experiences and feelings, and “Hate That You Know Me” is no different. The song’s lyrics, in particular the lines “I hate that you know me so well” and “I wish that I wasn’t myself” are personal to Antonoff.

In four separate tweets on April 17, Antonoff wrote, “Hate that you know me … that’s a lyric I’ve had in my head forever about how hard it is to be around people who know who you truly are. You can’t escape yourself. Sometimes around the people who know me the best I think, “I wish that I wasn’t myself.” This is the harshest part of letting people in.”

The album’s first single, “Don’t Take the Money,” was released March 31. Similar to “Hate That You Know Me,” it sounds like a new Bleachers. But it also features the familiar layered sounds of songs on Strange Desire and is reminiscent of Bleachers anthems like “Shadow” and “Wanna Get Better.”

Gone Now is on presale now, and will be released officially on June 2.