Bacon Crust Pizza, Microsoft Evolve and Secrets and Lies: Hotlines March 9, 2015

Little Caesars now offers bacon crust pizza. / Emilio Rodriguez / el Don

Little Caesars now offers bacon crust pizza. / Emilio Rodriguez / el Don

By Emilio Rodriguez

Little Caesars upped the ante of the “Deep! Deep! Dish” pizza, adding bacon wrapped crusts.

The taste of pepperoni and cheese peppered with bits of bacon doesn’t differ much from the original deep-dish style.

Then you reach the end, hear the bacon crunch under your teeth, and the pie transforms.

All it takes is less bread and more pork.


/ Tribune News Service

Courtesy of Microsoft

By Heidi Hernandez

Hundreds lined up outside the Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza last month to speak with producers and buy a copy of the newly released video game Evolve.

Turtle Rock, the creators of Left 4 Dead, released a four-vs-one cooperative shooter game. Gamers can play as the alien monster or one of the four hunter classes: Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support.

The four hunters move through Planet Sheen to track down and kill the alien monster. The monster starts off weak but gains strength as it feeds on local wild life. As the game moves forward the monster becomes unstoppable turning the game into survival mode and the game takes a twist turning the hunters into the hunted

Developer Phil Robb and business partner Chris Ashton had the idea of “Evolve” devloping in their heads before Left 4 Dead was released, with inspiration from the 90s shooter game Deer Hunter.


Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

By Matthew Salzer

Following in the same vein as Aussie import The Slap, Secrets & Lies takes another show from down under and adapts it into an American setting.

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Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) is investigated by Detective Andrea Cornell for the death of a little boy.

Despite this and the public opinion turning against him, Crawford must find the real killer to prove his innocence.