Dons Lose Their First Game of The Season

Sophmore Christian Franco goes down as he tries to shield the ball. / Dorian Zavala

An absentee referee and aggressive plays from both sides led to a heated argument at the end of the game and prevented another comeback, when the Dons lost to the Hornets 0-2 Tuesday afternoon.

The Hornets opened up the score in the 27th minute with a defensive breakdown by the Dons. Hornets freshmen AJ Yazid broke through on a loose ball and scored an unassisted first goal.

The Dons defensive struggles continued in the first half when Hornets forward Cesar Ortega set up Steve Perez for the second goal of the game.

Santa Ana picked up the defensive slack from the first half, but the struggles on the offensive side continued as they carried over into the 2nd half. Each sides coach were involved in a heated argument at the end of the game after a rough play from the Hornets. The players and coaches had to get separated by the athletic faculty during a scuffle.

The Dons look to get a better outcome as they face Irvine Valley College on Friday Sept. 21 at Irvine Valley. The Game starts at 3 p.m.