Coach Reyes Rebuilds Dons Women’s Swim Team

Ruby Nunez/ el Don

Ruby Nunez/ el Don

The Santa Ana College swim team has struggled for the past few years, but Head Coach Al Reyes is working to rebuild and unite a team that was in shambles just two years ago. When the women’s team coach quit, Reyes found himself suddenly in charge of both the men and women swimmers, who were barely a team at all.

“Two years ago, was not a fit, the women were not happy but I was only coaching the men’s team [at SAC] at that time,” Coach Reyes said.

But the team has high hopes, there are eight women currently on the team and it will grow double for next season. Currently, only two male swimmers are part of the team because four male swimmers were lost this season due to injuries or academic reasons.

“Our expectations are high and if you can’t make the minimum requirement for school you can’t be on our team,” Reyes said.

Freshman Jazmin Vega established a standard in the 200-yard butterfly with a time of 3.25.70 and Freshman Kaylah Margo took the record spot this year for both the 50-yard freestyle at 24.48.71 and the 400- yard individual Medley at 6.34.92.

“I’m so proud of the women, they are working so hard,” Coach Reyes said.

All things considered, the swimmers still have a long way to go. Friday, March 24 during the 2017 Orange Empire Conference Invite at Golden West, most Santa Ana College swimmers were unable to keep up with other schools like Riverside and Golden West who led the meet. As a whole, SAC came in last place with total points of 78 for both the men and women races.

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Freshman Martin Rodriguez struggled in the Men’s 400-yard Individual Medley coming in last place with a time of 5.22.34.

“I had difficulty because this was my first time doing that race, I wasn’t conditioned enough,” Rodriguez said.

Regardless, the swimmers are focusing on making their team stronger.

“A strong swimmer is a confident one,” Reyes said.


After two years of frustration Head Coach Al Reyes fights for SAC’s swim team.

Kaylah Margo: Broke two records this season. 50-yard Freestyle and the 400-yard Individual Medley.

Jazmin Vega: Established a standard this season with a 200-yard butterfly.

Coach Reyes: “I’m so proud of the women, they are working so hard.”