New Emergency Phones Installed Along Central Mall

Emergency Phones decorate campus to help students and faculty in case of emergency. / Sabrina Zamora / el Don

With the press of a button, anyone on the campus’ central mall who feels threatened will be able to use any of the seven new emergency phones to contact campus security for immediate help. Similar to the phones already functional in the parking lots, each blue pole has blue lights that turn on at night, so their presence is detectable from a distance.

According to Campus Safety and Security Sgt. Ray Wert, there is still some ongoing programming needed before the central mall’s emergency phones are fully functional. Once the plastic coverings are removed, they are ready for use.

“These new emergency phones are expected to be operational within a week,” Sgt. Wert said.

Like a 911 call, people who use these emergency phones will be asked for their name, what they need and any other information the dispatcher needs to send out assistance.

Anyone can also reach Campus Safety and Security 24/7 by calling (714) 564-6330 or by dialing 333 from any campus phone.