Student intervenes in alleged assault

SAC student Max Garcia speaks to campus security after helping stop an altercation at the bus stop in front of campus. Photo by Miranda Navarro / el Don

Santa Ana police arrested a man Oct. 27 near campus after he attacked a woman and struck at least two others who were struggling to hold him back, witnesses said.

The incident occurred at 17th and Bristol streets just before 1:45 p.m. when the suspect saw a woman walking toward him at the bus stop and allegedly yelled, “I’ve been praying to God so I can see you and kill you.”

The alleged attacker was the woman’s ex-husband, according to her boyfriend, Gustavo Orozco, who pinned the attacker to the ground along with Max Garcia, a Santa Ana College student.

“I body slammed him to defend my girlfriend,” Orozco told reporters moments after the incident.  

SAC student Daisy Jimenez saw the attack unfolding and called Campus Safety officers.  Jimenez saw Orozco and Garcia holding the man down before Santa Ana Police Department officers arrived.

The alleged attacker was a tall, bald, skinny man according to Garcia, who put himself in the middle of the fight.  

“I tried to separate them — I decided to go in-between. He put his hand on my neck and then he punched me,” Garcia said, gesturing towards the left side of his face. “After the fight he took off his clothes.”

Police arrested the man after Orozco and Garcia detained him. Charges haven’t yet been publicly released. 

While being interviewed by SAC Campus Safety, Officer Luzader tipped his hat to the younger Garcia

“He did a man’s work today,” said Luzader.

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