Here’s What Your Health Fee Covers at SAC

Getting Healthy/Students can visit the Health, Wellness and Psychological Services for various medical issues at no cost./ Faith Hernandez / el Don

Would you pay for a Netflix account and not use it? Every semester, students are charged a health fee for a service many do not use.

Whether it be for condoms, therapy sessions or vaccinations, the Student Health and Wellness Center and the Psychological Services Center provide staff evaluations, medicine for injuries and illnesses and referrals for treatment outside the center.

An informal survey at SAC shows that the majority were unaware of the health fee and what its purpose was for.

“Students should know about this,” said Brayen Juarez, a junior music major at Santa Ana College. “As a full-time student, you never know when you are going to need the services the health fee provides,” Juarez said.

The department has small representation on campus, besides small events such as Club Rush, according to Isadora Romero, an intermediate clerk.

This fee is charged to all students whether or not they choose to use health services, according to SAC policies. It is provided by the Student Health and Wellness Center, located in room V-211. The fee covers the cost of staff, medical supplies and operational costs.

Students can waive the health fee if they qualify for a health fee waiver. To qualify, they must be enrolled in an apprenticeship training program or are active members of a religious organization that relies exclusively upon prayer for healing.

A payment is not required for the center’s services until the end of the semester, said Debbie Clark, an intermediate clerk.

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If the health fee is not paid for by the end of the semester, students are unable to log into their Blackboard and Canvas learning management systems and are unable to register for new classes.