City Enacts New Food Truck Regulations

Santa Ana city Council voted in favor of a food truck ordinance wit new and stricter regulations. / Carlos Duarte / el Don

After a 30-day continuance, on April 18 the Santa Ana City Council unanimously voted in favor of a food truck ordinance with new and stricter regulations.
According to council members, food trucks pose traffic hazards and special dangers for children and adult residents.

The ordinance includes prohibitions against additional lighting like neon signs to attract customers or amplified sound systems that would announce a truck’s presence, because such upgrades could be distracting to drivers.

Food trucks will also be prohibited from operating within 500 feet of schools, parks, public playgrounds or community centers. In addition, vending vehicles may not park within 100 feet of unmarked or marked crosswalks in an intersection.

The revised ordinance also removes misdemeanor penalties for violations. Instead, administrative citations will be issued and each day that a violation continues will constitute a separate offense.