Violence at Donald Trump’s Rally in Costa Mesa Proves his Point


By Rosalia Cato

Protesting at political rallies can make demonstrators look bad when they are not organized.

While at the Donald Trump rally in April at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds, anti-Trump protesters got out of control.

Many attended the event hoping to protest Trump’s presence in Orange County and to voice their opposition to him possibly becoming the next president of the United States.

Some of the more calm protesters chanted profanities and held their anti-Trump posters high to tell Trump supporters and the media that they are displeased with his political views.

Others took to vandalizing police cars, throwing rocks at police, swarming the streets, blocking traffic and even blocking the 55-freeway entrance to prove their point. At least 17 arrests were made, according to the Costa Mesa police.

Destroying police property or public misconduct does not help to prove any point.

Trump has said that undocumented Mexican immigrants bring crime to the United States.


Some of the anti-Trump protesters were waving the Mexican flag while committing these crimes, which could lead some people to believe his accusations about Mexicans bringing crime to the U.S.

In contrast, a more organized crowed protested Hillary Clinton’s Cinco de Mayo rally at East Los Angeles College.

According to news reports many Latinos feel that she is pandering for the Latino vote. Clinton proved them right when she had an eight-piece mariachi band play at the beginning of the rally.

Some demonstrator’s were able to get into the event and disrupt her while she was giving her speech cutting the whole event short.

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This goes to prove that protesters have the power to accomplish anything when they are organized. Violence should not be met with more violence but instead with hard facts that help to prove a point.

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