Parking Is Santa Ana College’s Oldest Problem

Illustration by Edgar Ornelas / el Don

By Diana Viera

The first-ever staff editorial written in el Don in 1923 was about parking issues. It’s still a problem today.

Leaving home an hour earlier to spend about 20 minutes driving in circles to find parking is an everyday task for Santa Ana College’s student drivers.

The most frustrating thing about hunting for parking is the tardiness accompanying it.

Running five minutes late to morning classes, only to endure the stares of other students and professors while trying to sneak into class, is embarrassing and, frankly annoying.

The worst part is when people try to back up for a parking spot they’ve already driven past. It’s common courtesy that once you’re past a space it belongs to the next person in line.

With all of parking lot No. 9 and part of No. 6 closed to students, angry drivers are concentrated into fewer spaces.

Measure E Projects under construction at SAC should improve traffic flow and safety, as well as increase the number of parking facilities.

Finding parking is an ever-present campus issue, even when students drove Model Ts. But now it’s 2016.

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