Big Beauty Has Limits

Courtesy / Instagram

By Chelsea Ybanez   

#Fatkini is a social image revolution that addresses self-acceptance at any size, but also contributes to the growth of obesity.

From Instagram to Twitter, Tumblr, and all across the Internet, plus size women are posting pictures in bathing suits flaunting their plump bodies while using the hashtag.

Almost 10,000 pictures are posted to the tag on Instagram, giving America 10,000 reasons to drop the donut and pick up a carrot.

“I feel that young women putting images of themselves online is a double edge sword… we should be more accepting of each other, but it also opens themselves up to ridicule in a very public way,” Santa Ana College psychology professor Jeffery Pedroza said.

I agree that our culture should promote a diversity of beauty, however the hashtag condones an obese lifestyle and disregard for related health concerns.

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