Generation Why Get Married

Jeff Durham / MCT
Jeff Durham / MCT
Tying the knot isn’t as common as it used to be and that trend speaks volumes about the changing societal values.

By Natasha Stone

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ast generations are trying to figure out why Generation Y puts off marriage. Despite being a Millennial, I can see how we are unable to adapt to the sacrifices marriage requires, devaluing it to the point where deferred responsibility and self-centeredness are the norm.

Only about 26 percent of Millenials are married, according to the Pew Research Center, an all-time low.

We have become the babied generation.

Being married involves communication, patience, personal growth and putting someone before you. Millennials don’t find those qualities a priority.

Most are concerned with image and social status. They carefully curate their likes and dislikes, but don’t want to be held accountable to anyone for their actions.

When I told friends and peers I was getting married, I didn’t receive the support I hoped for. They said I needed time to have fun, time to be free. Our attitudes are apparently different.

For those who question marriage and its benefits, it’s not a matter of pros and cons. It’s about meeting that one person who challenges you, supports and loves you while accepting you for everything you are.


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