Unions, college succeed


Cheaper bids from private sector companies may come with hidden costs for future SAC public works projects.

The RSCCD Board of Trustees’ decision to give nearly $198 million in construction projects exclusively to union workers was the right move.

Union labor is the backbone of state education; from faculty to staff, they’re all union protected, and unions set standards for their employees.

While some may say this move is a gift to labor organizations, it is for the best interest of the community, students and taxpayers who are footing the bill for Measure Q, which funds the construction.

Students trained in the apprenticeship programs throughout the district will still have the opportunity to take part in the public works projects, pumping money back into the local economy while taking care of the community.

Projects performed without union labor at Santiago Canyon College left behind shoddy work that cost the district double what was originally quoted, whereas the union-built library at SCC that was completed on time and up to standards.

With typically lower bids, non-union agreements may seem cost effective in the short-term, but Santa Ana College would pay the price in the long-run.

The standards set for union employees are higher than those of a local contractor.

When it comes down to it, guaranteed quality is better than gambling with tax dollars.

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