GOP hopeless without change



After defeat in the 2012 presidential election, Republican politics need a transformation if the party ever wants to see another chief in the White House.

A political party with a majority of white protestant male members cannot win with those demographics alone. As our country becomes more culturally and racially diverse Americans may identify less with Republican candidates.

President Obama beat GOP nominee Mitt Romney among women voters by 11 percentage points in 2012. The continued Republican stance of anti-abortion/pro-life, making a case for legitimate rape and the failure of congress to pass the Violence Against Women Act suggests these numbers aren’t an anomaly.

The “right wing” stance on immigration needs to reform, and it contributed to Obama’s victory with his support by Hispanic voters exceeding 70 percent. This comes as a blow to Republicans aiming for the White House, as Hispanics are the quickest growing voter block in the U.S.

Black voters overwhelmingly voted democratic in 2012, giving Obama over 90 percent of the votes in that demographic. This is largely because of Republicans’ failure to stand for issues that African-Americans care about such as education and social programs, as well as the GOP’s past stance on civil rights.

But as long as they control the legislative branch through gerrymandering, thereby keeping the political process at a standstill, who needs a presidential slot?

Republicans will be left behind by America’s changing landscape.

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