Consumerism distorts the holiday season


The holiday season is nowhere near, yet stores like Target have already started airing commercials on television showing snow, Christmas lights and a giant bull terrier carrying a gift bag promoting the Holiday season.

Each year Holiday ads come out progressively earlier. Both Halloween and the November elections didn’t hold back stores from airing their first Holiday ad of the year in October.

Over the past years retailers have forced new generations to forget about what Holidays like Christmas are really about and transformed them into a consumer season.

With a rough economy, retailers are trying to put themselves out there to get as much money as they can. But they have to respect the original intent of why we celebrate the Holidays, especially Thanksgiving since a lot of people decide to camp outside of retail stores for black Friday instead of spending time with their families on Thanksgiving.

The older generations should try to reduce the exposure of media to the new generations by limiting their time in front of a television set or a computer and their cell phone usage that way the Holidays don’t end up turning completely into a consumer season in the future.

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