Moving California forward


A new law allowing illegal immigrants to drive benefits not only them but also California’s economy and citizen rivers statewide.

After years of heated debates, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law allowing undocumented youth to acquire driver’s licenses.

It’s about time.

Those who qualify have been educated in the U.S. They live American lives and have grown accustomed to the lifestyles that come with it.

They are taught the same lectures, principles and dreams that America is made of. To deprive them of the American dream is hypocrisy.

Driving to and from school as a trained and insured motorist will not only bring peace of mind to undocumented students but will contribute to the overall safety of drivers on our roads and highways.

California can benefit economically by implementing the law.

Providing licenses for permitted workers relieves California of billions of dollars in annual losses from limiting a person’s ability to work and pay taxes.

Granting licenses to the undocumented may not decrease illegal immigration, but it will bring ‘Dreamers’ out of the shadows and into the arena of public record.

The new law helps them contribute and function normally in society. At the same time, it shines a light towards the end of the tunnel for hundreds of thousands of students aspiring for a better future.

We can only hope that it is the beginning and not the end of reforming immigration in California.

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