OPINION: Spitzer vs. Beck, on the issues



Two media personalities clash Tuesday night leading up to the first presidential debate.

Current TV anchor Eliot Spitzer and The Blaze network founder Glenn Beck squared off in a debate Tuesday night in Denver, Colo. as a precursor to the highly anticipated presidential debates Wednesday night.

The program was dubbed the “War of the Words” and aired on Dish Network’s Blockbuster channel. The stage was fashioned as a boxing ring and announcer Michael Buffer introduced the two contenders with “let’s get ready to rumble!”

The two media personalities debated issues including the economy, healthcare reform, the role of government, political parties and media bias.

Spitzer, the former gov. of New York, used formulated arguments, implementing a variety of charts and slides to back his stance on the issues. Beck ridiculed Spitzer for this drawing a healthcare chart on his hand to poke fun at his opponent.

Beck continuously forgot his points and did not quote, but paraphrased the founding fathers while inciting laughter and applause throughout the debate. Twice, Beck snowballed various problems the U.S. is facing using the term “at a barrel of a gun.”

Spitzer replied to Beck’s arguments explaining that things have gotten better under the current president, and that Beck’s tactics come from fear.

Though they disagreed on most topics, the two found common ground on the issue of media bias, agreeing that the only way to get the true side of any story is to draw from a number of different media sources.

In closing statements Beck cited the 1800 U.S. elections to explain that while the 2012 elections are dirty, previous elections were worse. Spitzer’s closing statement ignited loud boos and cheers as he ended the debate trashing GOP candidate Mitt Romney and endorsing President Barack Obama.

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