OPINION: Not a conventional race




National poll tracking shows just how close the 2012 election is.

  1. Obama leads Romney 48-43 in a Sept. 12 Fox News Poll.
  2. Gallup’s latest poll shows a 50% job approval rating for Obama’s presidency.
  3. In a Washington Post/ABC Poll, 45% approved Obama’s economic policy.


The 2012 Republican National Convention reran Bush administration ideas while

attacking President Obama’s entire term.

Hardship, faith and empty rhetoric surfaced among the speakers. VP nominee

Paul Ryan’s claims were found untruthful by multiple fact checkers. Clint Eastwood

and an empty chair left confusion, while Ann Romney attempted to humanize her

husband but failed.

Mitt Romney then unveiled his plan by proposing a growing military, despite the closure

of America’s two longest wars. Romney also stood behind business deregulation and tax

cuts for the wealthy, while downplaying his Mormon faith.

No matter your party, both are striving to rejuvenate the political system.

We’ve lived through Bush’s failing policies and would not welcome their return in 2012.


The Democratic Party is confident about occupying the White House for another

four years.

Following the party’s national convention in Charlotte, multiple election polls are in

favor of President Obama returning for a second term. For good reason.

Former President Bill Clinton’s speech endorsing Obama may be part of it. He made it

known that he feels Obama has the right view to rebuild the U.S. in the 21st century,

and Clinton’s words carry political weight.

First Lady Michelle Obama reintroduced the president to the American public in an

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empathetic and attentive voice, explaining that her husband, too, is a product

of the ‘American Dream.’

President Obama capped things off with three simple words: Made in America.

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