Under many watchful eyes


Increased campus surveillance cameras may decrease privacy but create a safer place for students

The stigma of recurrent thefts at Santa Ana College had to be dealt with, but about $1 million and 200 cameras later, do we feel safer? If having several extra sets of eyes on us is the cost of a safer environment on campus, we will gladly pay.

The cameras leave students wondering: will these virtual shields act as deterrents to stop crime in action, or will evidence pile up for cases that will never be solved?

Crimes will occur, but suspects are more likely to be caught with the increase in cameras and made to pay for their actions. Whether depositing a check at the bank or ordering fast food in a drive-thru, we are all exposed to vigilant eyes constantly watching and recording us.

Knowing that extra security measures have been taken, we feel more comfortable doing daily tasks and don’t feel that we’re at risk.

We deserve to have the same sense of security here on campus so that our primary focus is towards completing our education.

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