Those who can teach, do


On Saturdays, April 7, our talented art teachers had the opportunity to exhibit their latest pieces at SAC Faculty Exhibition at the Santora building.

Chris Nielsen’s piece Reflection in Red, got attention of many students, mine as well. This piece shows a part of motorcycle on one side and Chris’s reflection in another. Nielsen as well presented his art in the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

“Chris is interested in machines,” Gallery Director Phil Marquez said.

Michael Lanove presented his piece called Bristhecane Pines #37B. October 4, 2011. The photography showed one of the oldest pine trees, the pictures were taken in middle of the night, full moon.

“Michael is doing full moon photography each month”, Gallery Director Phil Marquez said.

Hopefully we get these kinds of art shows more often because its great watching your teacher’s art, it motivates a lot of students to work harder.

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