Opinion: Misplaced aggression


What happened to morality in this generation? The world of instant gratification we live in has contributed to increased impulsiveness. Rioting to show support for a guy who covered up the alleged rape of multiple boys is ludicrous.

The Penn State Board of Trustees fired football coach Joe Paterno on Nov. 9, for his part in covering up the child sex abuse case that involves one of his long time assistants. The Board made the decision in the best interests of the college as a whole, not just the football program. Following the announcement, more than 5,000 Nittany Lions stormed the streets of downtown State College in support of Paterno.

At first, the feisty students chanted mildly. Eventually mayhem ensued. They overturned a news van, knocked over light posts, wrapped trees in rolls of toilet paper and trashed the town they are supposed to take pride in.

This is where I lose all respect for the demonstrators. I understand supporting your coach of 46 years. What I do not and cannot figure out is why anyone would trash the place they love in favor of a moral malignancy.

Those who believe Paterno fulfilled his duty by reporting the incident to his superiors are wrong. Calling the police is what needed to be done.

Rioting to show patronage for Paterno expresses perfectly the God-like status America showers upon its sports icons. As Americans, we need to bring our sports gods back to Earth before the next vile scandal surfaces.

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