Occupying power


Despite all efforts to control thought and manufacture consent, our cultural dissidence survives. Skepticism toward power has grown, and attitudes about many issues are changing. People have realized that they are not alone in their thoughts.

Movements around the world and in this nation are currently taking form under the “Occupy” mantra

The protesters rallying in New York’s Liberty Square have exposed an Achilles’ heel in the form of a massive dissidence movement including 73 cities across the nation.

The people in the streets have succeeded in garnering attention to force the following question upon our nation: “What the hell are they doing?” Those protesting would have a tough time agreeing on a singular objective, but therein lies the unifying strength of this protest.

It is easy to dismiss the relevance of OWS by labeling it as a bunch of unemployed kids shouting “money is bad!” College students don’t need to sleep in a park to complain about being broke. They have six figures of student loan debt to prove it.

Any real shift where we the people found ourselves to be financially empowered wouldn’t start with a $100 million “Yes, We Can,” slogan. It would start with something that resembles OWS.

Do you think it is possible to sever the connection between our politicians and corporate financiers? If you do, then you share something special with those who are protesting.

This may fizzle out tomorrow, but I think we can emerge victorious. Do you?

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