College: A grueling battle against time


One year is a long time. It is enough to change us, give us room to grow and hopefully move us one step closer to completing a college degree. But time has a funny way of changing us in other ways.

With each year of experience gained, perspectives can shift radically. It is easy to get lost within any given school year — or semester for that matter —and find ourselves uncertain about our academic future. Plans get altered. Jobs turn into careers, and the thought of graduation slowly begins to fade in the same way the American Dream has gradually disappeared.

As students, it is hard to interpret our outlook as anything but bleak. We sometimes forget what an education is all about. We are here to find ourselves and apply what we learn to our lives and the world around us. We can change our circumstances with the tools we learn in college.

More importantly, we must all remember that with each 365 days we move one step closer to post-student reality. We work against time every day, taking classes and earning credits, doing so at our own pace. But sooner or later, we will need to get off our butts and live up to our own potential.

An illustration with a fallen pillar labeled EDUCATION fallen on the ground, several black birds picking on books and graduation cap and certificate, a broken clock with hands stopped at just before midnight, a devilish looking red monkey sitting on top of a pile of text book, and a To-do list with Stress-out and Bake pie checked off but graduation and plan future unchecked.

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