On the road to being better journalists


A trip to Orlando brings our staff closer to each other, our school, and our cause.

What happens when you take five Dons and send them to a collegiate journalism conference in Orlando for the weekend? Not what you would think.

They come home better writers, editors and friends.

The nightlife was tempting, and there often seemed more benefit to sleeping in than hauling ourselves out of bed to attend a seminar. But the experience was life changing.

Advisers, faculty and professionals from colleges across the country led scores of media classes. Students poured their souls into their work and countless publications vied for the spotlight.

The thrill of winning Best Of Show was only exceeded by the overall experience. Walking away with a handful of awards and a network of new friends validated the countless hours spent by writers, editors and photographers perfecting their craft.

Validation can lead to complacency, but this journey has heightened our sense of duty to ourselves and to our peers. We were thankful for this opportunity, and look forward to excellence in future issues.

As journalists, we already had an incredible amount in common. But after this convention, we have more in common as friends than as colleagues, and this experience is only the prelude of great things to come.

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