Charlie Sheen


Comedy Central aired its roast of the winningiest actor of all time, Carlos Irwin Estevez — otherwise known as Charlie Sheen — on Sept. 18, and the event couldn’t have come at a worse time for viewers.

The Charlie Sheen train wreck left the station months ago, and Comedy Central is just now trying to play catch up? March would have been an appropriate time to hold a roast, April would have been pushing it, but September?

Not that I hate roasts, I actually find them quite funny, just as this one was. Classic even. But it just seemed so dated. A celebrity like the Warlock himself comes along once in a millennium, and with our nation’s attention span as short as it is, Comedy Central should have been first in line to acquire and run with any and everything graced with Sheen’s glory.

There’s a small window in which to conduct a roast, and Comedy Central whiffed on this one.

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