Businesses increase pandemic revenue through online advertising

Carrie Graham/ el Don

Businesses are continuing to sell online through online and social media as California prepares to fully lift business restrictions starting June 15.

Many non-essential businesses like clothing stores have reopened with modifications incorporating pixel glasses, indoor masking, and curbside pickup.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, retail and food services have been the lowest risk due to these safety precautions. Stores like Target recently reopened their fitting rooms on June 1, and as of May retail Corporation Ross has eliminated limited store capacity. 

However, there has been an increase of online activity on platforms like Instagram that target specific demographics. Based on Instagram’s online analytics, with over 1 billion people using the app every month, 90% of those users follow a business.

Patrisica Avalox-Anaya, owner of Patsxy Jewelry Boutique and Patsxy Lashes, had used social media to connect with her customers. She wanted to venture into businesses as it provided financial stability and helped her provide for her family.

“I connected with my customers by doing constant ‘Lives’ on Facebook and showcasing my items,” Avalox-Anaya said. Avalox-Anya said that Facebook Live allows customers to ask any questions about the products, provide feedback, and makes the interactions more personal.

Avalox-Anaya said, “my business had been affected because my merchandise wasn’t considered essential, which is the reason I saw a decrease in my sales.” 

“My business was affected by the pandemic where I had no events booked for a few months and there was no income coming in. Therefore I decided to sell lashes and other beauty products online,” says Vicky Govea, an Orange County certified hair and makeup artist. 

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Govea says there was a demand for her eyelashes, so she shifted her focus to that specific item. 

Similar to Avalox-Anaya’s tactic, Govea posts short videos on her stories or her feed of different makeup looks that she is selling to attract existing and new potential customers. As customers notice products in their everyday lives, they can contact the sellers through direct messages, links in the bio, or even in the feed comments, Govea discussed. 

Restaurants and grocery stores adapted with options including curbside pickup, home-shopping options, and delivery. Gisela Aguilar, a local customer, said businesses such as Walmart have non contact and same day delivery where prices can be located on their mobile app.

“I already had an existing Walmart account due to work, and for a while now I have been doing curbside pickup for groceries and other things, which I simply reserve a time slot under my account,” said Gisela Aguilar. Aguilar feels that not only is it safer for her to order through the app, but more time efficient. In addition, she also uses express delivery on the site and app where they deliver fresh groceries within two or less hours.


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