iPhone 6 Plus
Photo Courtesy Apple/MCT
Photo Courtesy Apple/MCT

By Souliman Maida

It’s a common sight at the apple stores everywhere: an hours long line of people waiting for the chance to own a new iPhone 6. Apple’s new device launched Sept. 12 with a price tag of $199-$499 depending on which version and plan you

have. Their big selling feature includes a bigger screen, enhanced retina display and an aluminum body.

But once all the hype settled, problems started emerging. Complaints of the phones flexible frame went viral, with users claiming it bends when put into a pocket. The bending is due to the new aluminum body, which is much weaker than competitor’s durable plastic.

It also experiences update issues. Apple’s iOS 8.1 needs five GBs of storage to update, making the feature practically useless to those who have low storage eight GB versions. Battery life has always been an issue with iPhones, and iOS 8’s features drain it even more, destroying the device’s simplicity. Also, glitches in wifi/Bluetooth connectivity and cell service are a major customer concern.

Despite the issues, Apple is doing fine. They have sold nearly 20 million iPhone 6s in the first month of release. Although the problems have caused a lot of controversy, the company is accommodating users by allowing them to downgrade software in hopes of faster processing. The company has never done this before.

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